Tawny Frogmouth

Native to the Australian mainland, the Tawny Frogmouth was runner up in the Guardian's/ Australia "bird of the year" poll, and is said to be one of Australia's most loved birds. Perhaps because it has such a distinctive appearance. It is often mistaken for an owl, although it is actually a closer relation to the nightjars.*  

Hard to Spot
It's hard to spot,  due to its silver grey plumage which provides excellent camouflage amongst the low brances of trees. It has distinctive yellow eyes, and a wide heavy beak.  

Tawny Frogmouths are nocturnal, feeding on insects, small mammals, reptiles frogs and birds.  They do not have power talons like owls and  catch their prey with their beek by ouncing on the ground.

According to The Australian.Museum the Tawny Frogmouth has a soft, continuous "oom oom oom" sound.  when threatened is makes makes a loud hissing noise and clacking sounds.

Tawny Frogmouths are said to be "excellent parents." Their breeding season is between August to December.  Both sexes share in building the nest, incubating the eggs, and when hatched - feeding the chicks. They mate for life and have been heard making whimpering sounds when a partner dies.••  

Their populations ae said to be relatively steady at present, but need old trees for nesting as they mimic old branches.


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