The Kookaburra, also referred to as the 'laughing Jackass'  is the largest member of the kingfisher family. Native to eastern Australia, its loud distinctive laughing call is heard in eucalyptus forests, parks and gardens. With its brown plumage and white head, it is often used as an icon for Australian birdlife. The name kookaburra (“guuguubarra”)comes from the indigenous Wiradjuri language 

Kookaburras grow between 15-18 inches, and weigh on average between 13 and 16 ounces. Their beaks can grow as long as 4 inches.

With its long beak the kookaburra catches a variety of invertebrates, small vertebrates, and occasionally small snakes.

Territorial kookaburras are monogamous birds, they have adapted to suburban life and nest in tree hollows in both rural and suburban areas. Females lay one to five eggs, which are cared for through a family effort of both parents and elder siblings.

Threatened Status
Although not currently listed as threatened loss of habitat is a primary concern to kookaburra. 

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